Adapteve is excited to present Intelligent Finance and Accounting as part of our Wise Summits Series taking place in October 2020 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This dual-track summit will bring together a cross-industry mix of finance leaders to discuss the future of the Finance function and the effects of digitalization on their roles. As well as explore the implementation of Digital tools such as RPA and AI for optimizing processes and generating value for their business. The digital transformation is already here, don’t get left behind.


There is no denying that tools like RPA, AI and machine learning, provide tempting solutions for businesses seeking to improve productivity and cut costs, however implementation of these tools comes with large barriers. Big steps need to be made in order prepare for the digital future. Standardization of processes in the pursuit of end to end automation will allow businesses to reap the benefits of Improved workflow, saved time, and increased accuracy with or without leveraging digital tools. The accounting track will bring together cross industry mix of accounting leaders to discuss learn and share how to optimize their processes to improve their business and prepare for the Digital transformation.


  • Creating End-to-end Process Automation
  • Consolidated and Standardized processes: The First steps to gaining process efficiency
  • Streamline and reduce errors in your Accounts Payable & Accounts receivable processes
  • Tackling Compliance in regulatory reporting
  • Automation in Auditing?
  • RPA: a threat to skilled labor or a blessing in disguise?



The role of the Finance function is evolving and becoming more critical as it requires investment in new practices, technologies, and skills that increase the business’s capacity to adapt at pace. Professionals in this domain need to evolve to create the value sought by their customers, both internal and external. They are bound to take an active role in the strategic operation of the company, finding new sources of value and influencing the business as a whole. Digitalization and the tools that come with it are making the monthly reports a thing of the past, replacing it with advanced forecasting models and real-time analytics. Finance leaders are therefore finding themselves getting more involved with the leadership of the company. The finance track will bring together a cross-industry mix of great minds to discuss the future of the finance function, explore the use of new digital tools to maximize the effect of their transformation process.


  • Strategy Development
  • Digitalization
  • Technology and tools such as AI
  • Role of Finance
  • Culture development

Why should you come at Wise Summits?

The fields of Finance and Accounting are going through one of the biggest transformations in their history.  The implementation of digital tools for automation and business analytics is a challenge that will irreversibly change the way professionals approach their responsibilities. Do not get left behind, be a part of the transformation. Listen, Learn, and Discuss the future of the industry and its processes with leaders, professionals, and solution providers spearheading the conversion at Wise Summits Intelligent Finance and Accounting.